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Model 82A+ Class 2 Data Logging Sound Level Meter

Model 82A+ Class 2 Data Logging Sound Level Meter
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When using the Assessor Models 81A or 82A, Industrial Noise Integrating Sound Level Meter, making a measurement couldn't be easier; simply switch the unit on and the instrument starts measuring. To complete the measurement, press the ‘Stop’ button and everything needed for your assessment is displayed on one screen. The ‘A’ weighted Leq or average noise level is displayed along with the ‘C’ weighted Peak value, which is used for the assessment of impulsive noise sources. All of the Assessor instruments have a unique display showing the estimated exposure duration. This feature estimates the noise exposure that would be achieved if the measurement was made over a longer period displayed in terms of LEX,8. The Model 81A & 82A integrating sound level meter can be supplied as non-data logging, if manual reporting is your preferred method. For those preferring the benefits of computer technology, the instruments can be supplied with the exceptional ‘Assessor Extra’ upgrade, giving the instrument the ability to store measurements and transform data into informative, professional reports.VIEW SPECIFICATIONS

Our price: $1760.16
Class 1 Acoustic Calibrator (Model 105)
Class 2 Acoustic Calibrator (Model 106)
"Assessor Extra" Upgrade for Models: 82A, 81A, 82C-A, 81C-A (SU80)
Hard Attache Case for Sound Level Meter Kit (K2)
90mm diameter Windshield (WS90)
Carry Pouch for Sound Level Meter and Calibrator (CP1)
Tripod for Model 80 series (TR1)
Spare USB Download Cable (DC80)
Microphone Extension Cable for Instruments with removable preamp
Preamplifier Tripod Mount (TM1)
Factory Modification to fit a removable preamplifier to a Model 82, 82CA, or 84
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