Process Control & Monitoring Instruments

Instrumentation is the process that controls, measures, and analyzes physical quantities using various kinds of interconnected process control instruments. Different types of instrumentation are used to measure variables comprising pressure, fluid levels, fluid and gas flow rates, temperature, and pH in manufacturing and production settings. These process control and instrumentation products include monitoring systems, controllers, […]

Top 10 Companies in Life Sciences and Laboratory Equipment Market

Since the start of the industrial revolution, the industry of life sciences embarks on the new, transformational phase of technologies. The progress in the availability of useful tools, advancements in technologies, and growing strategic alliances have immensely affected a plethora of sectors in life sciences, for instance, healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical. According to Meticulous Research, […]

All You Need to Know About Atomic Absorption Spectrometry

Atomic absorption spectrometry (or AAS) is an inexpensive, high-throughput, and easy technology used primarily to analyze compounds in solution. As such, AAS is extensively used in clinical, water, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical analysis. It is also used in mining operations, for instance, to determine the percentage of the precious metal in rocks. What is […]